Ghost's Of Old Bridge Past


Unrest Spirits

The Old Bridge Museum in the Historic Village of East Brunswick New Jersey. a Place to come out to see with Many Strange things that have and Had Happen here. 


Jamee at Chestnut Hill Cemetery

When something Go's wrong at Chestnut Hill Cemetery at the Disbrow Family Grave Plot, Jamee sat a top of the Disbrow Family Monument that stood 10 feet tall, after about 5 Minutes the Monument began to Vibrate and Shack  ,Jamee was in Hysterics begged me to help her down, when she was standing on the ground Jamee said the ground under her feet was shacking and wanted to leave and this was the last time she would step foot on the ground's of Chestnut Hill Cemetery or even Model for my Website . And this would not be the only strange Happening at Chestnut Hill. 


The Weeping Headstone Of Disbrow

The Head Stone of the Disbrow Weeps Water around the seams no matter what time of year you go there. Many Strange things Happen in this part of the Cemetery 

This Monument is located on top of the Hill in the Back of the Cemetery, History has it when the house's were Built in the back  The Builder Came Across Human Bone when Bulldozing.

The Disbrow Family Plot

Known as the Indian Plot

The Disbrow Family Plot


 Back in Aug 2018 I was at the Cemetery Scouting out Locations to do a Photo and Video shoot and when I was in the Back at the Disbrow Family Plot I was knocked to the ground by a large tree branch..

Unrest Spirit

Known as the Indian Plot

The Disbrow Family Plot


Dr Disbrow Walks the Cemetery and cause's some Chaos and Mahem near and around the Family Plot and sometime's Make Women Feel uneasy.

Known as the Indian Plot

Known as the Indian Plot

The Slave's Of Old Bridge


Here is the Spot known as the Indian Burial Plot and as seen in this Photo Nothing Grows in this area.

The Slave's Of Old Bridge

Placing a Wreath On Baby Abbe Grave

The Slave's Of Old Bridge


Just Below the Indian Burial Plat is a Spot where the Slave of  Old Bridge are Buried, The Slave's were Buried off River Road about a Half Mile away and when they Built House's there a Group of People Removed the Bones of the Slave and were Placed in a Box and Mover to Chestnut Hill Cemetery and a Monument was placed there so there not forgotten, My They Rest In Peace Now

Placing A Wreath of the Slave's

Placing a Wreath On Baby Abbe Grave

Placing a Wreath On Baby Abbe Grave


On Dec 14,2018 Richard Sear Walling and Myself Place two Wreaths on Graves at Chestnut Hill Cemetery.

May  They Not Be Forgotten.

Placing a Wreath On Baby Abbe Grave

Placing a Wreath On Baby Abbe Grave

Placing a Wreath On Baby Abbe Grave


 Abbe was about 3 year old when she Passed On And She lived at 166 Main Street  in the 1800. We Remember this Little Girl as her Spirit Come's Back to Visit her Old House. 

At the East Brunswick Museum in Old Bridge Village


The Lady In The White Gown

When I was walking around in the Village taking Photo I caught the Apparition of the Lady in the White Gown. She was Walking down the Sidewalk a long the side of the Museum.


The Face in the Orb

After the set up and I started to take photo many Orbs were caught in the Photo the Red Arrow the Orb has a face in it.


The Appleby Library

The Appleby Library has a lot of Paranormal Activities, I have taking many photos here and alway have a ton of Orbs in the photos This is Where Abby Lived the little Girl that we placed a Wreath on her Grave for Christmas.

Chestnut Hill Cemetery Dec 14, 2018

Placing the Wreath's of Two Grave  Dec 14, 2018

Finding's of an Unrest Spirits

Additional Information

The Location of this Photo was at 374 Main Street Spotswood  New Jersey .

This House was my Grand Parents Frank & Mary Marks Sr

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