How The Band Got It's Name

I Like To Thank My Special Friends That Gave Me The Motivation To Start This Website And All the Photos To Design The Out To Lunch Guitar Without Them This Would Have Never Started

First is Gail Hobschaidt For Giving Me The Motivation And Ideas. Lynn Hobschaidt And Linda Early For All The Great Photos From Back in The Day. Denise Ventole For Keeping Me On Track, And For Me Not To Give Up.

I Want To Thank You All, And I Will Always Love You All Very Much B.T.

How The Band Got It's Name: Out To Lunch

Started Back In 1978 With Frank Novak, John Marks & Scott Marks. Frank Stopped By Johns House And Talked About Starting A Band With Some Friends, So It Was Decided That There Would Be A Meeting With Franks Friends Billy Czok His Sister Claudia Czok & Cousin Kenny Bukarica. On A Friday Night. Everyone Met & Thing Just Clicked, So On The Following Weekend The Band Set To Try It Out. Right From Get Go Thing Went Well, After A Month Of Playing After Practice We Were Sitting Around Talking About Having A Name For The Band. We Were All Joking Around Listening To The Sex Pistols. The Song That Was Playing Was Pretty Vacant, We Joked About Naming The Band Pretty Vacant, Then Someone Heard The Line Out To Lunch & Said That's Would Be A Good Name.We All Laughed & Joked, Now We Had These Two Names & Had To Choose, So We Flipped A Coin & Head It Was ....Out To Lunch:

Now We Needed Stage Names: So Starting Off With John Marks is AKA Skid Row Marks.... Frank Novak AKA Punky Novacain....Billy Czok AKA Chills Marone....Claudia Czok AKA Clancey Aluminum... Kenny Bukarica AKA Crunch... & Scott Marks AKA B.T. That Was Shorten For Bartender.....

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Sad As It May Be, We Had Two of Our Band Members Pass Away.

First was Claudia Ann Czok  Born on Oct 16, 1958  And Passed Away on March 18, 2004 and Her Stage Name was Clancey Aluminum. Clancey was our Singer and she had many other talents A Great Artist, Fashion Designer  Hair Stylist, And had a Great Love To Animals. 

Then Our Other Member Was Billy Czok, Billy was Born on July 7, 1955 Bill Passed on April 23,2010 .

Billy Stage Name was Chills Marone.  Chills was Our Drummer With many other talents Another Artist and Design Specialist, I had the Good Fortune to have Chill Teach me To Play Drums after  I had 2 Years of Lessons in School.

Chills and Clancey are Deeply Missed, and Life is not the same after they left us. I made a promise to there Mother I would take care of there Grave Till my Last Day here on this earth.     

Till We All Meet Up Again  in Heaven ...

In Memory

Clancey Aluminum








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