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1950-1960 Coin Operated Horse


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1900s Hutch


This is a 1900 Hutch that was picked up in Englishtown New Jersey and was in need of some repairs and Finish Rerair.

1900s Hutch


As you can see there was a water Stain in the upper top side panel in the back. I used a Stain refinish Cleaner, that removed it like new.

1900s hutch


In htis photo you can see the finish Brighter and no more water stain.

1900s Hutch


the right side Glass door was Coming apart and was in need to be re glued and Adjusted . 

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Rocking Chair from the 1800s


This Rocking Chair was picked up in Sayreville New Jersey  a Piece of History was Saved from going in the Trash

Rocking Chair 1800s


As you see the wood was split out on the top., Took a Piece of wood and trimmed it down and glued  it in place.

Rocking Chair 1800s


After it was filled in on the seam and Sanded and Stained .

Rocking Chair 1800s


The Chair was Sanded and Re glued and had to make some new Wood Dowels for the Arms, This is a very Fragile Chair as for it being form the 1800s.  

Rocking Chair 1800s


The Seat of the Chair was slit down the one side and was re glued and Clamped. This is a very nice History Chair.

The 1985 Chevy Hearse was Custom Built By B.T. Scott D. Marks

I Received this 1985 Chevy Caprice Wagon from Kazmera Hopkings of Edison New Jersey on December 21, 2016.Right After my Battle with Stage 4 Throat Cancer When I Received the Wagon it had a Brand New 350 Crate Motor with only 23379 miles on her. The Car was Given to me for Free.There is only Two people that Work on her Platts Performance Plus in Jamesbugh New Jersey and Myself,  I striped down the inside and refinished the Interior with Bucket seats out of a 2005 Monte Carlo From Red and Black Auto Salvage also in Jamesburg New Jersey. installed a new Ignition Switch. I redyed the Carpet Black and Cover the rest of the interior in Black Crush Velvet. Then I made New Rear Window Panels and Set it off with Wood Scroll work , then made the read  Divider ,The Door Panels are Cover in Velvet and Imitation tool Leather ,  Then there LED Red Light along the top of the Headliner on both sides , A long with Custom Curtains for the Back side Window and Tail Gate Window , No Hearse is Complete without a Rustic Coffin and a Corpse .To Set off the Outside of the Hearse She was Sprayed Flat Black and Pinstriped in Red Spider Webs and the Window Engraved . The Back Tail Gate is Lettered with Her Name Rhiannon and Old Welsh Witch ,It Mean Witch of the Moon. Rhiannon is the Last Responder. and is Known as a Coffin Hauler.